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In addition to your guarantee, Oran Cleaning Services also offers you an industry exclusive warranty tailored to your cleaning.

10 Day Warranty (Spot Return Policy)

 All our carpet cleaning includes an unconditional 10 day warranty against any stain re-appearing. Should any stain re-appear, we’ll gladly return and retreat the area completely free of charge within the first 10 days.

30 Day Warranty (Worry Free Spill Policy)

Choose Oran Cleaning Service to be your carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider and we will cover you with an industry exclusive 30 day “worry free spill policy.”

Should you experience an accidental food or beverage spill that your complimentary bottle of Oran Spot Remover cannot remove, we are happy to return to your home within the first 30 days of your service date and attempt to remove any spill that has occurred… our way of saying “thank you for trusting us, relax, we’ve got you covered.”

1 Year Spot and Spill Warranty (Protective Finish Policy)

Every carpet and upholstery cleaning service which has the protective finish re-applied will be issued with our exclusive 1 year Spot and Spill Warranty.

Should you experience an accidental food or beverage spill that cannot be removed using your complimentary bottle of Oran Spot Remover, we will happily come to your home, free of charge, and use all professional methods possible to restore the carpet.

Our warranty covers all additional treatments and service charges for a period of one year from your warranty activation date. Should we be unable to remove the stain, we will refund the price of the protector for that area.

Warranty terms and conditions

Homeowner needs to make a reasonable effort to remove the spot, using the Oran Spot Remover.
Do not use anything other than Oran Spot Remover. Use of improper chemicals to remove the spot will void this warranty.
Homeowner must contact Oran Cleaning Service within 24 hours of the stain occurring.
Oran Cleaning Service reserves the right to evaluate the spot and make an informed decision regarding coverage restrictions.

Restrictions –

Tracked in soil in traffic lanes.
Pet urine and feces.
Vomit or other bodily fluids.
Petroleum products.
Water or sewer damage.Carpets used in rental or commercial facilities are prohibited from exercising these warranty provisions.