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A Big Thank You to all Our Clients

A Big Thank You to all Our Clients

Asking questions plays an important role in what we do, and even more important why we do what we do in that process. Whenever we get an initial enquiry regarding carpet cleaning we start by asking some basic questions in order to get a better feel of how our service will match with that of the inquirers hopes and expectations. This brief stage is all about information accessing and finding out how we may be of value to the homeowner in solving their carpeting or upholstery issues.

We ask questions like

“Can you remember when the carpet was fitted?”

“Do you know what type carpet we are talking about”?

“What is your main concern regarding your upholstery at the moment”?

From the initial enquiry we will gain information that at least tells us that we are in a position to provide a service. By that I mean that the carpet or upholstery is cleanable by one of our three cleaning processes and equally important is that we are confident that our cleaning will be aligned with the homeowner’s hopes and expectations.  We may suggest a home visit to analyse the carpets construction, its pile or the nature of the fabric that we are advising on.

As we view the carpet or upholstery fabric in your home we may enquire about areas of concern, for example staining or pivot points at the bottom of the stairs. We may also ask about frequency of vacuuming, pets or having a no shoes policy. This preparation through questions and analysis allows us to evaluate your requirements against the service we provide.

At the end of each cleaning we ask that you take a look over our work and of course we will be keen to know if everything met with your expectations. Finally, before thanking you and heading on our way we ask that we leave a Client Satisfaction Report that can be filled in and forward on to us. This report allows our clients to evaluate the service we provide by asking, yet again a few questions. We may feel that we got everything right, but it is only on receiving the completed report that we can be completely satisfied our service truly matched your expectations.

With that in mind I wish to say a big thank you to all our clients who gave their valuable time in completing our Client Satisfaction Report and for the high rating with which you awarded our service. This information has proved invaluable in allowing us measure our service against your hopes and expectations, and also to ensure that we are consistent in delivering that level of Client Satisfaction. Oran Cleaning Service is now the Cleaning Company of choice in the Birmingham and Solihull area and thank you to you our clients, we have a positive satisfaction rating of 99.5 per cent.

If your home is in the Birmingham, Solihull or Harborne area and you would like help or advice, or would like to experience our excellent service in your carpet or upholstery cleaning please feel free to contact Brendan on 0121 472 3349.

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