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Carpets & Indoor Air Quality

Carpets & Indoor Air Quality

Numerous claims have been made that carpets are the cause of poor indoor air quality. In reality it is not the carpets which are the cause of the problem, but instead it is simply down to the lack of maintenance. Studies have shown that a well maintained carpet can improve indoor air quality and a person’s health.

Your carpet takes up the largest area in your home, stretching wall to wall and covering many rooms. Because of its size and the fact that we spend so much time either walking, crawling or sitting on our flooring all kinds of miniscule organisms can end up living there. Without proper maintenance this leads to a deteriorated indoor environment, which in turn can cause serious health risks to everyone in your home.

One of the biggest pests living in our carpets right now is the dust mite. Many homes are not aware of dust mite infestations in their home because they are microscopic. Dust mites provide a trigger for asthma and cause many people to flare up with various allergies. As 2000 dust mites can live off just one ounce of dust in out carpets we can only imagine the scale of the situation in a carpet that hasn’t been cleaned for a while.

There are various other contaminants in our carpets such as pet dander, cockroach allergens, dust dirt, lead and particulate pollutants.  Together, with toxic fumes and air gasses which can attach to carpet fibres, we get a cumulative effect.  Our carpets having a porous and fibrous nature act as a retaining filter for dust particles and pollutants in our home. When these particles and substances are not adequately removed by proper vacuuming and cleaning the carpet pile begins to fill up and then becomes unhealthy.

If you live the Birmingham, Solihull or Redditch area and you are concerned about  carpets and air quality call Brendan on 0121 472 3349 and we can put your mind at ease.

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